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This is PBF #2 of Kingdoms.

This will be a 4-player game that will start as soon as 4 players are signed up.

To sign up, please post signup in bold.
To remove yourself from the game, please post remove in bold.

During the game:
To draw a tile to place, post draw in bold.
Once your draw is posted, post place location in bold, where location the index of a spot (A1 - E6). (e.g., place B4)
To place the tile from your hand, post hand location in bold. (e.g., hand A5)
To place a castle, post castle size location in bold, where size is the value of the castle (1 through 4) and location is as above. (e.g., castle 3 C2)

modkiwi is still a work in progress and may be fallible.
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Player list according to ModKiwi:

2 players are signed up.

To sign up for this game, post signup in bold.
To remove yourself from this game, post remove in bold.
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